Since 2012, I have been honored to represent the citizens of House District 28 as your voice at the Capitol for the issues that matter most. As your State Representative, I will continue to be an advocate for the following issues:

Improving Access to High Quality, Affordable Education:

Though Colorado has one of the most educated populations in the country, we are in the bottom three in spending on K-12 education. In our emerging high-tech, high-skills economy, this has resulted in Colorado being dependent on out-of-state transplants for skilled workers, while young Coloradans are being left behind. In the next session, I will continue to push for legislation that improves the quality of public schools, reduces class sizes, increases access to high quality early childhood education and provides tuition assistance to low- and middle-income college students.

Creating Jobs for Colorado Citizens:

While the economy in Colorado is improving, our work is nowhere close to being done. In the legislature, I will focus on building a stronger and more secure middle class through advocating strongly for good-paying jobs, incentivizing job creation right here in Colorado and supporting Coloradan workers with the skills and education they need to secure employment.

Support for Seniors:

I have seen first hand the struggles of my own grandmother and my senior neighbors in Lakewood. Through access to services such as transportation and housing I will continue to work to ensure that all senior citizens in our state can continue to age with dignity and enjoy a high quality of life right here in Colorado.

Ensuring a High Quality of Life For Coloradans:

As a Colorado native, I grew up with a love for the outdoors. Like all Coloradans, I value our natural resources including clean air, beautiful rivers and the Rocky Mountains. In order to preserve these resources for the next generation, I will continue to support legislation that keeps our air and water clean, allows for the transition to sustainable energy, preserves green spaces in Colorado and reduces the risk of future wildfires.